Little girl invites pit bull into her bed after the house is shook by scary earthquake

In Alaska, young toddler Adalynn Leary and 100-pound pit bull Fury live together as best friends. Ever since Adalynn was a small baby, she found comfort with her big furry friend.

Now more than ever, the toddler relies on the dog’s unwavering loyalty and comfort. Not even realizing it, she offers him the same in return.

Last November, an extremely powerful earthquake hit right near the family’s home in Alaska. After the frightening earthquake ended, it was followed by aftershocks. Since the earthquake, the aftershocks have kept everyone on edge, especially Adalynn.

Her father, Kyle Leary, explained that they have had over five thousand aftershocks! Sadly, he says this has given Adalynn anxiety and trouble sleeping.

Who could blame her, that is certainly a scary experience.

Luckily, sweet Adalynn found a way to cope. Her way of coping is quite an adorable one. When anxious thoughts creep up on her mind, Adalynn looks to her dog.

“The only way she’ll sleep is if Fury is in there with her to protect and ease her anxiety,” Leary wrote.

Adalynn spent her nights snuggled with Fury on the floor, but one night she decided to invite him in her bed with her. Probably still frightened herself, she makes sure her pup feels safe and snuggled up too. Luckily, this moment was caught on video.

Cutest video EVER. Just A girl tucking in her 100lbs Pitbull best friend and bodyguard for life. If you raise them with love, they only show love. #daughter #pitbull #pit #pitbullsofinstagram #bestfriends #bff #protector

Posted by Kyle Leary on Sunday, December 30, 2018

How sweet is this relationship?  Do your children have a unique bond with your pets?  Share your amazing stories with us.

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