Local Man Creates ‘Turtle Friendly’ Popsicles And It’s Adorable


Popsicles are such a treat during the hot months of the year. Most kids and adults love popsicles. Some people even buy or make what’s called pup sickles for their dogs. Well, one guy who lives near Houston, Texas figured the local turtles should be able to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with their own special variety of popsicles. The way that the turtles responded showed that his special turtle popsicles were a real hit.


Kyle Naegeli

Kyle Naegeli lives next to a pond with many turtles. He enjoys visiting with them as often as he can. As the 4th of July approached he wondered how he could include the turtles in on the celebration. “I was brainstorming about how to include the turtles in celebrating the Fourth of July,” Naegeli said. “I wanted to give them red, white and blue popsicles, but keep their natural diet in consideration.”


Kyle Naegeli

Naegli chose to make up a recipe that included strawberries, shae (a type of fish) and blueberries. He added pond water and then put it in the freezer. As soon as the popsicles became frozen he took them to the turtles.


Kyle Naegeli

A Turtle Taste Test


The real answer as to whether all of Naegli’s efforts were worth it or not, was up to the turtles. Naeglie filmed their response on video. The turtle popsicles were a huge success! And it was also adorable as to how the turtles responded.


Kyle Naegeli

Naegli captured the turtles eating the popsicles on film. He later shared it on his YouTube Channel.


Kyle Naegeli

The 4th of July can be hard on so many animals with fireworks blasting all around. Many suffer and even die during this holiday. For Naegli to do something so kind during a holiday that often has a negative impact on animals is truly inspiring. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.



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