Locals Support Police Action For Family Of Ducks, Visitors Were Amazed

Lucy the duck and her ducklings are local celebrities in Charlottetown, Canada.

At a local Garden Center Lucy has made a home for herself in the potted plant’s section. There, is where she has decided to build herself a nest and lay her eggs.

Charlottetown loves Lucy and her babies so much,  they actually receive a police escort to help them cross the street every year.

Every year, Lucy crosses Charlottetown’s busiest highway.  The “street crossing” is a celebration that all the locals embrace.  Onlookers line up on the street, the road shuts down and the police direct traffic so that this mama and her babies can make it safely to the other side.

“I had to stop for the ducks crossing the road and I couldn’t believe that most of the town was there to watch”

I’ve seen animals crossing my path at some time or another.  However, they haven’t been escorted by police cars and cheered on by their neighbors. Animal safety must be a priority in Charlottetown.

Below you can check out the video!   Lucy and her babies crossing the road as police officers look on to ensure their safety. She does a very good job of keeping all her ducks in a row.  Except for the one little straggler in the back….

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