Logger finds innocent baby fawn along the side of the road, he gasps when the deer stands up

It seemed like just an average day for this logger, rolling through bushes to arrive at his destination. With his truck loaded, he set out to start his jobs for the day. But, he noticed something that made him stop.

Part of a loggers job is to spend time in nature, out in the middle of the wilderness so they get to encounter all kinds of creatures. To the side of the road, he saw two little fawns in the gravel. A little farther down the road, he saw another. This one lets him get up to a few feet away from it. He tried talking to the fawn, but it looked scared and alone.

 Suddenly, the fawn approached him, sniffing and cuddling the man. After approaching the man, the fawn seems a little bit perked up. He talks to them, trying to get them to trust him. The one fawn suddenly stood up and approached him. Then the fawn started to cuddle up next to him!

“No I’m not who you think I am…”

The footage is so endearing that this little fawn thinks something else entirely of the logger. By this point, the logger feels like the deer adopted him as the mother. He knows the side of the road is not a safe place for a fawn, so he carefully leads him back to the forest. We’re not really sure where the mother is or what happened to her, but it’s clear this little fawn needs some guidance.

Watch the incredible footage below!

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