Lola Spent Her Time Chained Up But Now, Oh My Goodness

The life of any dog should be filled with love, fun, and companionship with humans.  Before being rescued, Lola’s life was the exact opposite.

Lola was chained up for 8 years inside a dark, dirty garage where she spent her time lying on a concrete floor.  Her chain didn’t allow her to go much more than a few feet.  There was no vet care and there was a tumor that had grown on her leg about the size of a baseball and was very painful to her.

A nearby good Samaritan noticed Lola one day and called the Animal Rescue Organization in the New York area.  Lola’s owners were convinced to surrender the dog.  Thank you to that person who decided to save Lola from this terrible life.

The first thing the team did was get Lola to the vet where she got a few tumors surgically removed.  See the conditions and the rescue of Lola below.


 Lola went into foster care for a few months before being adopted. She has discovered what it’s like to have love, fun, and human companionship.   She also loves the sun, which is something she probably never experienced when she was chained up in the dingy garage.  Her owner says “I absolutely adore her”.  We are so glad to hear Lola is being loved she’s a cutie!

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