Lonely Dog Found Locked In A Cage In A Carpool Pickup Area


There are animal shelters in most places in the world for unwanted pets. There is simply no reason for anyone to just dump a dog off. People who do that are cruel and deserve to be brought to justice. Hopefully, this story will help to find the person who left a dog in a secluded place in a small cage.


This story takes place in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. Someone in a vehicle was driving by and noticed a dog left alone in a cage. The dog was placed near the woods with no water, food nor anything inside the cage. The people who found the abandoned dog contacted authorities who helped get the dog to a shelter.



The Abandoned Dog Was Overjoyed To Be Found


The dog appeared to have gone through some stress but other than that, she was extremely happy to see her rescuers. When the police arrived on the scene, they took her out of the cage and to a veterinarian to be checked. The vet’s office guessed that she was a two-year-old Shepherd mix.


The dog did not have a microchip, so there was no way to trace her to a  person. But authorities are hoping to find who did this cruel act to her.



The local authorities are asking people to come forward with any information that they may have about this terrible crime. The story has been shared on Facebook. As a result, many people are still sharing this story in the hopes that justice will be served. Hopefully, through social media, there will be someone who knows something that will lead the police to the person who did this.


As for now, the dog is safe and is being taken care of at a shelter. Hopefully, a loving person will come forward to provide her a forever home.

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