Lonely Abandoned Puppies Cuddle Together In The Middle Of The Highway

Rescuers Without Borders is a U.S.-based organization that works in Turkey to help rescue dogs. Crystal Carson, the co-founder of this organization, saw photos of a handful of puppies.

They were huddled together on a median strip in Iskilip, Turkey and had been outside for weeks. There was no shelter here, or food or water. They had been left to fend for themselves. Some people gave the puppies bread, but no one had offered them help.

Carson said that temperatures had gotten to be rather cold. This only made things worse for the puppies. They cuddled close together to keep warm, but it probably made them feel safer, too.

Most of the resources that Rescuers Without Borders had was used to save dogs from a landfill in Corum, Turkey. This landfill is home to hundreds of dogs, but because of this, the organization was nearing its rescue capacity when they discovered these abandoned puppies.

The Rescuers Would Not Give Up

Despite this, Carson and the other volunteers of the group were determined to rescue the puppies. It is very likely that if they hadn’t stepped in, these puppies would have died on the streets.

Carson is based in the U.S., but she searched for someone local to Iskilip who could help the puppies. This was a greater challenge than anticipated, though. The puppies had mange, a contagious skin disease caused by mites. Most rescuers want nothing to do with that out of fear of it infecting other dogs they already care for.

It took three weeks, but Carson found someone willing to pick up the puppies. This person delivered them to a vet clinic in Ankara, Turkey, where the vet team began to treat them immediately.

The puppies were obviously diagnosed with mange, but their blood tests came back negative for parvo and distemper. Sadly, the puppies did have parasites and treatment was begun quickly for that as well.

Despite their efforts, one of the five puppies died. The parasites and mange were too much in combination with his little body.

There Is Hope For These Puppies

The others survived, though, and continue to grow stronger. While their health improves, the puppies are also getting used to being comfortable around people. Whatever previous human interaction they had was not good. The puppies are young, however, which means there is plenty of time for them to overcome the terrible events that led up to their rescue.

The puppies will stay at the animal hospital for a few more weeks, but Carson believes that they will continue to make good progress.

Carson said, “It’s rewarding seeing them laying on a blanket, and seeing them inside and not out in the middle of nowhere. It’s also great knowing that they’re getting the treatment that they need. It’s always those tiny little steps that lead to the big steps.”

When the puppies are better, they will receive their vaccinations to be transported to the U.S. Carson is hopeful that they will find forever families there.

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