Lost Homeless Kitten Shows Up At Bookstore–They Knew Just What To Do

In St. Louis, Missouri, there’s an independent bookstore called Left Bank Books. This may be your new place to check out because it has a furry self-proclaimed owner!

When Spike was a kitten, he wandered the streets, fending for himself. Then he came across Left Bank Books. The staff members saw this little black kitten, and thankfully, they knew just what to do.

What’s even better, this isn’t the first time the bookstore has taken in cats from the street. Before Spike, there were two other cats, both black. Now that Spike is in the store, he’s the new king!

Spike lives at the bookstore day and night. He enjoys greeting all the guests, too, all day while the store is open. As well, he even plays guard and keeps things in order all night!

Lauren Wiser, the store’s marketing and publicity manager, assures that he has food, water, and “endless new books to sleep under.” That sounds like the life for any book lover!

“We say he’s our night manager. He keeps an eye on all the books until the shop opens in the morning,” Wiser said.

No spot in the store is off limits for Spike. Every inch of the bookstore is a part of his home, but no one seems to mind.

If you ever get a chance to visit this bookstore, you can find Spike in a variety of places! You’ll see him napping on stacks of books or between shelves. Sometimes, though, he gets a bit in the way. He may take to napping on the staff’s keyboards, but no one ever minds!

Everyone loves their furry companion. The staff even goes so far as to give Spike his own “Staff Pick” page on the bookstore’s website! Spike is living proof that even our pets can love books.

Since taking up residency at the bookstore, Spike has become a little local celebrity in St. Louis. You can find him on Instagram, too, and see more pictures of this precious kitty!

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