Love to Drink Wine With Your Cat? It's Just the Week for That

Drinking wine with your cat is a pastime that a large majority of us enjoy on a regular basis. Indeed, who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with their favorite fur baby while tipping back some delicious fermented grapes after a grueling day?

If you are like me, and you perhaps even cancel plans to stay home with Fluffy the cat, then this promotion is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Starting February 19th, a new holiday tradition will start that I have personally been waiting for most of my adult life: National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week. It will run from February 19th through the 23rd.


So, okay, technically it is a made up holiday. Really, though, aren’t they all? Add to that, that who really cares? Anything that is cause for wine to go on sale certainly can’t be a bad thing, first of all.

Secondly, remember, you can even get a non-alcoholic wine that is made just for cats! That is still totally a thing and to top it off, that’s on sale as well.

Check your local store for sales coming up this week because you all have a lot of celebrating to do this week.

black cat and glass of red wine


To purchase wine for Fluffy visit for the best selection for your pet. They stock all things “animal mocktail” at the Pet Bar. They have everything from champagne and cat wine, to doggy tea and beyond. After a long hard day of napping, of course, they need to wind down too.

Don’t worry! The drinks are all non-alcoholic. However, they are rich in things like fish oil and other things that are hugely beneficial for your little kitty. You can choose from many flavors like Meowsling, Purrgundry, and Meow & Chandon.

You can even take an extra 20% off with this coupon.

Have an amazing week!

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