Loyal dog refuses to leave owner’s side, even in an ambulance


Dogs are some of the most loyal pets on Earth. No matter what the situation, they always seem to stay by your side. For a homeless man living in Brazil, his dog did a one truly amazing act of loyalty, that caught the internet’s attention. It’s almost crazy enough to be in a movie.


When a homeless man collapsed, someone called an ambulance. He started to seize. While they waited, the man’s dog also sat there with them. After the ambulance arrived, they immediately got him into it. Soon they were rushing to the hospital.


As the ambulance sped across busy roads, the people in it noticed they were being followed, by a dog! The homeless man’s loyal sidekick followed them the entire way. So the ambulance stopped completely. They knew they saw him at the sight of the emergency, so they let him in.

The paramedics allowed the dog to stay with the man the entire ride and even to the hospital. They knew he was his owner. People were amazed by the loyalty this dog had. Even when his owner was getting treatment, he sat with him.


Animals are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Clearly, this dog knew his owner was in trouble and could not bear to leave him alone. Dogs deserve this same loyalty in life.


If you want to see this story unfold, watch below! You will not believe this dog’s loyalty. He runs after the ambulance and then goes to the hospital!


Do you think your dog would do this much for you too? If you think your dog is loyal, this is the true test. Please share this amazing tale of loyalty with friends! This awesome dog deserves an award for his love for his owner! Also, like us on Facebook!

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