Loyal strays refuse to leave the one person that cares, even if that means camping out at a hospital

We all know that dogs are loyal until the very end — and some even well past that. It’s the number one reason we as humans love dogs and consider them a man’s best friend. Well, one homeless man in Brazil recently put that to the test when he had to enter the hospital. Suddenly, four dogs, who were strays that made up their own family unit, were missing their dad. But, these loyal strays were not about to let him go through all that alone.


Usually, when we think about stray dogs, loyalty isn’t the first word that pops to mind. However, a man in Brazil is unwittingly changing all of that.

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At around 3 a.m. on a Sunday, a homeless man named Cesar developed health problems and needed to be admitted into a hospital in Brazil. As Cris Mamprin along with other staff from the hospital cared for Cesar, they noticed he wasn’t as alone as he appeared to be at first.


Cris and the other staff noticed that there were four loyal strays standing guard at the front door of the hospital.

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The four dogs refused to budge until they knew their dad was okay.

Before long, the other nurses at the hospital noticed that these were not ordinary street dogs. Ordinarily, street dogs are incredibly skinny and hungry all the time. Instead, these four loyal strays were chubby and well-fed.

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It quickly became evident to the staff at the hospital that Cesar cares very much for these animals. Even though he lives on the street and has almost nothing himself, Cesar makes sure to care for all four of his furry best friends.


Cesar’s care and the dog’s display of affection touched the staff so profoundly that they invited the loyal strays inside. The crew decided that Cesar and his four pals deserved a quiet meal together before they had to head back outside.

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So, after spending about an hour getting his treatments, as well as a hearty meal with his four dogs, the hospital discharged Cesar. Of course, his four adorable and loyal dogs were right there the whole time — tails wagging away.

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