Lucky Dog Saved From Hurricane Harvey by Photographer

As the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey were rising, people and animals were moving to higher ground.  One dog though in Victoria was tied to a tree with no way to set itself free.

The dog’s owners had evacuated the area as the hurricane waters moved through. They had left their dog though tethered to the tree. Certain death was inevitable if the waters rose above the dog’s head level.

Photographer Ruaridh Connellan noticed the poor victim was appearing cold, wet and imprisoned to the tree. Connellan wasted no time in getting to the dog.  He quickly untied him and set him free.  A loose dog was better than a dog about to be drowned and suffer a miserable death of abandonment. Thanks to Connellan, the dog is now alive but still homeless.  If you happen to know any information about the dog’s owners or are interested in adopting this dog, please contact [email protected].

There are thousands of pets losing their lives, being abandoned or getting lost during this storm. Shelters are filled up while more shelters across the country expect to be filled as more lost pets are found. If you’d like to help the pets suffering in this hurricane there is something you can do.

Response teams are helping stranded animals, delivering pet food and supplies to the hardest hit areas.  They are also transporting pets in danger to safe shelters and helping to reunite pets with their humans.  The task cannot be completed without lots of help from volunteers and people who donate money and resources to make this all possible.

One organization called “Best Friends. Save Them All” is doing all they can to help the animals through this crisis.  If you’d like to donate supplies, cash or want to volunteer, please visit their site here.

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