Luxury hotel in the Maldives looking for an intern to help tend to the turtles

Everyone has an answer to the question — what is your dream job? Well, you may have a new response after you read about this job at a luxury hotel in the Maldives tending to turtles.

Yes, you read that correctly, your job will be to hang out with turtles. This isn’t the first dream job we have told you about, but it might be the most exciting yet.


If hanging out with turtles doesn’t sell you on this job, think about this — you won’t have to pay for your room or food either.

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So, you will be on the clear blue water, in paradise, helping turtles, and eating well too.


Now, you’re probably wondering if there’s a catch. This job is a two-week unpaid internship that will take place in August. So, you won’t earn any money. That’s truly the only “catch,” if you can even call it that.

Remember, it’s an all-expense paid trip to the Maldives.

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Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is one of the most stunningly beautiful places on earth. So, if you get this job, you will spend those two weeks in paradise — with the most adorable animals on the planet.

Who cares about getting paid?


To be clear, the luxury brand CoCo Collection is looking for an intern for the turtles. The intern would work directly with the Olive Ridley Project (ORP).

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ORP has several essential jobs on their mission statement. First, they rescue and rehabilitate injured sea turtles. And secondly, they clean up marine debris like nets that fishermen leave behind called ghost net.


The person selected will work at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre located at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort. You will work with the leading turtle vet in the UK, Dr. Claire Petros.

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Don’t worry; you don’t need a medical background. The selected person will be involved instead with turtle conservation and rehabilitation. They will clean tanks, feed turtles, and observe medical procedures.

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The lucky person will even get to return a turtle or two to the sea. Oh, and by the way, there are more perks, including a snorkeling trip, BBQ on the beach, and a sunset cruise.


Yes, we realize you’re dying to apply. Just visit this website to find out how.

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