Maddie The Yellow Lab Tries To Fill Kiddie Pool With Water And Cuteness Ensues (VIDEO)

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than by taking a dip in the pool? That same idea apparently occurred to Maddie, a six-month-old yellow Labrador Retriever.

Image by Charlie Ogard via YouTube video

So she co-opted her family’s kiddie pool as her place to escape from the heat, after grabbing a garden hose in her mouth and plopping it in the pool, The Huffington Post reports. It looks very much like she is trying to fill the basin. Now, how clever is that?

Maddie Makes a Splash

Image by Charlie Ogard via YouTube video

And she manages to do a magnificent job of watering the flowers and the patio at the same time. So everybody wins!

Maddie is clearly doing a bang-up job!

Image by Charlie Ogard via YouTube video

But on a hot summer day like this, those ornery bricks can be a bit hot for doggo toes, and the flowers probably needed a splash of water, and this cute pup was clearly having fun, so this was the perfect romp for a warm day.

Labradors have a well-earned reputation for being clever, WeLoveAnimals reports. With her class clown antics, it’s fun to watch this adorable dog having a blast. If there’s one thing dogs know how to do quite well, it’s to have fun.

And Maddie is no exception

The funniest part is when she doggedly (pun intended) tries to fill the basin, and she winds up watering the flowers instead.

Image by Charlie Ogard via YouTube video

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about Labradors is that they have webbed paws and a thick, powerful tail that helps them swim, PetCoach reports. Their fur is naturally oily, and therefore water repellent and they were bred to be retrievers, which means they are awesome swimmers.

So it’s no wonder this cute pup loves the water.

You can watch Maggie’s splashy performance in the video below.

Featured image by Charlie Ogard via YouTube video

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