Magician performs at local shelter to help dogs gain exposure for adoption

So many people enjoy magic tricks. It can be fun to watch illusions happen right before your eyes. Since it’s so fun for humans, why not allow animals to enjoy magic tricks too? That’s exactly what one magician did for shelter dogs at The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York.

Professional Magician John Stessel, got together with director Rob Bliss and TBS to visit Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York. Stessel entertained shelter dogs, many of who become bored at shelter life.  These dogs got a free magic show filled with treats and surprises.

Stessel has a passion for entertaining people and animals alike. “If I were to define my mission it would be to spread as much joy as humanly possible. Whether it be performing magic at my Residency at the Red Rabbit Club, on my live show with Bicycle Cards, or for adorable shelter dogs, my mission has always been to spread positivity in both real life and online.” Stessel said.

The dogs’ reactions to Stessels illusions are priceless. Thankfully, much of this has been caught on videotape for all of us to enjoy. I find it interesting that the dogs’ reactions were much like how many people would react.  Well, except for joyfully jumping on the magician maybe.

Video of Dogs Creates Exposure and Helps Them Find Homes

In addition to entertaining the shelter dogs, Stessel explains another reason why he created this video. Stessel said, “We wanted to create a special moment for animal shelter dogs to bring them the magic of the holidays, to show off their adorable personalities and hopefully help them find homes” Stessel explained.

Does Stessel have a favorite reaction he received for his tricks? “It is almost impossible to pick a favorite moment from the video! But some highlights for me were the truly unscripted moments! For example when Luna pulled off my hat, or when Teragon and I started dancing with him on his back!” Stessel said.

The viewer reactions to this video have been very positive. Stessel explains, “The public has been nothing but supportive! While creating the video, every moment felt as if we were making something truly special and sure enough the public has felt that same feeling that we felt along the process!”

Check out this adorable video. And have no fear of the pups being tricked and not receiving treats. After the filming of this video, all of the dogs were showered with lots of extra doggy treats and attention.

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