Mailman Helps Old Dog, We Need More People Like This


Mailmen and Dogs are not a usual friendship, but not in this case.  Jeff Kramer, a mailman in Boulder, Colorado did something amazing for a 14-year-old black lab named Tashi.

Tashi would always greet Kramer while he was delivering mail on his route to the family’s home.  One day Kramer noticed that the dog was having trouble getting up and down the stairs, to the point of the family coming out and trying to carry him up the flight of stairs leading to the door.

That’s when Kramer realized he could help this dog and family out.

Kramer visited the house on his day off and built Tashi a dog ramp to help him get up and down the stairs!  He had the materials at his house because his dog who had recently passed away needed to use it.

“Hopefully he’ll live a little longer. He’s still happy. That’s what we want. We want a happy animal,” Kramer said. “Yeah, a mailman who likes dogs. Go figure.”

We love hearing stories of humans going above and beyond for the animals they encounter.  This world needs more people like this generous mailman.  Share if you agree!


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