Mailman delivered treats to German Shepherd on his route, he receives a heartbreaking letter about his furry friend


Mail carriers and dogs are a topic of mixed stories that you may have heard. Some mail carriers carry pepper spray and have to dodge aggressive dogs all in a days work. There are also the heartwarming stories of dogs and mail carriers becoming best buddies. This is one of the sweet stories with a tear-jerking twist.


A Twitter user shared a story about her dad who is a mail carrier. He said that her dad loved dogs and would bring treats for the dogs on his route. One day though, he received a note with sad news.



One of the dogs on his route had passed away. The note written by the owner of the dog was attached to a bag of Milkbones. The owner wanted the Milkbones to be shared with other dogs on his route. To make matters more real and sad, the owner wrote it from the dog’s perspective.


Take a look for yourself.



While this is very sad, it also shows kindness and compassion found in people. The mailman was very kind to give treats to the dogs on his route. In return, as you can read from the note, the owner of the dog was equally compassionate.


Let’s All Pay Kindness Forward The Way This Person Did


If you are reading this with tears in your eyes, you are not alone. Hopefully, good will come out of this story, and more people will treat each other and animals with kindness. You just never know how far a kind act will go.


If this story touched your heart, make sure to share it with someone. The world needs more kindness. Someone’s one act of kindness can snowball into many acts of kindness. Let’s all remember to pay it forward the way that this dog owner did by sharing her deceased dog’s treats.




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