A Makeover Changes Everything For This Homeless Dog now named Maggie

Sometimes just a little tender loving care and a make over can change everything. It certainly did for one homeless dog now named Maggie who had hair badly matted and soiled when she was brought into a high kill animal shelter in Los Angeles. Add into this equation that she is also blind in one eye and a senior, meaning that her chances of getting adopted were slim.

Maggie’s cards were stacked high against her until her redeemer from Hollywood Grooming arrived. Maggie was taken aboard the business’s mobile vehicle and then the transformation began. Because she was so badly matted right down to the skin, all but a layer of peach fuzz was taken off. She was then given a bath and hair that was left on her face and ears was blown dry and brushed to a pretty fluff. To top it all off, Maggie was given a pretty pink bow to go with her new look. The transformation is truly incredible. Not only is she able to move around better and not be in pain from the mats, but people can see what a beautiful dog was hiding under all of that soiled mess.

Getting a makeover may have just saved Maggie from being euthanized. I’m happy to report that Maggie was adopted just days after arriving at the shelter.

This is a great reminder to not judge a book by its cover. Also, to give those un-kept dogs at the shelter a second look. Not every dog gets the wonderful make over experience that Maggie received. So many wonderful pets are in shelters today just waiting for that second chance.  Why not take a look at your local shelter next time you are ready for a new pet. One perfect companion may just be waiting for you to walk in the door.

The video will show amazing before and after footage of this little cutie pie.

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