Mama and Puppies were trapped in forest fire, she had to save her babies

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Now, we all know that no power on earth can compare to a mother’s love. However, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate it when something happens that shows just how true that is. So, today, we bring you this story out of Chile about a heroic mama dog and the genius way that she managed to save every single one of her babies from one of the worst fires in the country’s history.


Experts aren’t sure what started the catastrophic fire that took place in Valparaiso, Chile. Most people think it started at an illegal landfill when someone lit it on fire to try and get rid of some of the waste there.

heroic mama
Image Screenshot from ODN via YouTube Video

Regardless of how the fire started, by the time firefighter finally had everything under control — the damage was terrible. One person died and thousands of other people were evacuated from their homes.


Now, we know that, as well as the cost to humans and their homes, often animals in a fire like this suffer horrible consequences as well. That certainly would have been the case for this heroic mama dog and her nine babies except she’s a genius.

heroic mama
Image Screenshot from ODN via YouTube Video

You see, as firefighters dug out an area of burned tires, someone who witnessed the fire told them they saw a dog digging there as the fire came upon them. As the rescuers looked more closely, they spotted the puppies, safe, in a hole that their heroic mama put them in to keep them safe.


Nearby, they spotted the puppy’s mama, also safe and sound, in a hole she had found just for her.

heroic mama
Image Screenshot from ODN via YouTube Video

Somehow, the genius dog — later named La Negrita, kept herself and all nine of her two-week-old puppies alive and unharmed.

heroic mama
Image Screenshot from ODN via YouTube Video

As often happens in terrible situations like these, La Negrita’s story quickly went global. Local in the area called her and her puppies, “the miracle dogs.”

A ton of volunteers helped out, and a foster family took over care of the heroic mama and her puppies until they could find everyone a forever home.

heroic mama
Image Screenshot from ODN via YouTube Video

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any updates on La Negrita and her puppies. However, considering their popularity, we are confident that each of them went on to find excellent, loving, supportive forever homes.

Check out their video below:

Featured Image Screenshot from ODN via YouTube Video

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