Mama Cat Goes Into Labor, Then Owners Notice Dad Cat’s Reaction

In labor, mothers do all the dirty work. With their husband by their side, the extra encouragement and support really help. It helps make the process go along much better. Often, we hear stories of dads helping during labor. Teamwork definitely becomes essential with the birth of a new child.

In other species though, labor becomes more of a one-man job. Especially with cats, the females seem to be more independent. Honestly, they don’t want the help from the men. Preferring to go through labor on their own, the cats get pretty protective of their kittens.

In this story, this cat proved to be an exception. When in labor, the mother cat’s husband, Yello, stayed with her through the whole thing. Below, he even looks a little tired.

When she finished giving birth, he even cleaned her all up and cuddled with her and their kittens.

With most cats, this behavior hardly ever appears. Typically, most male cats kill or eat their kittens, but not this one. He seemed more than happy to help.

Trusting him quite a lot, the mother left him alone with the kittens!

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