Mama Cat Goes to Great Lengths To Save A Tiny, Orphaned Puppy

Mothers are the best – for humans as well as for animals. They take care of us as we grow, when we are sick and are there when we need them. Unfortunately, one tiny puppy hasn’t had the luckiest start to life. If you’re prone tears of a sad story, get the tissues ready! Our story is sad and adorable at the same time, as we learn how one mama cat saved a puppies life.

Tiny puppy found after mother died

Image via screencapture from video via website from Rumble

This two-day-old puppy was found shortly after his mother had been run over by a vehicle. The poor darling was officially an orphan, as he had no siblings. Volunteers close to the Michigan Humane Society came up with the craziest idea…

Image via screencapture from video via website Rumble

…put him with a mama cat that still had kittens of her own. The idea was genius, and obviously adorable! Their idea was to blend him into the environment, which actually worked. The mother cat took to the puppy like he was one of her kittens. A moment that is heartwarming as well as a successful turn of events.

Mama cat takes care of her litter

Thankfully, this mother was still nursing and gladly accepted the tiny puppy next to her kittens. Her motherly instincts took over and this orphan had a new mommy. Mothers really are the best thing in the world!

“When you think about mother nature and how cats and dogs aren’t supposed to like each other, it is very pleasing to see that it is not always the case. In this extreme situation, the try-out was successful!” Ryan McTigue of MHS says of the experiment.

Image via screencapture from Rumble video

Tiny puppy finally happy with his new family

Animals in need of foster care, such as this tiny puppy, are taken to foster homes. From there they learn how to socialize and then brought back to the MHS when they’re ready to be adopted.

“Here at the Michigan Humane Society we amazing foster moms, so we can take animals out of our shelter – for a short or long period of time – and thankfully we had someone who could step up and take these families into their homes…”

Image via screencapture from Rumble video

The volunteers at the MHS truly are amazing! Thanks to the volunteers who can donate funds and time to care for the animals. Now many of them are able to find their perfect forever home. Check out the video below of this sweet puppy with his new family.

Featured Image via screencapture from video via

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