Mama Cat Takes In Orphaned Hedgehog Babies And Raises Them As Her Own


Animal lovers will often take in strays and homeless animals without question. When a person who likes animals finds a lost or sick animal, that person helps the animal. It’s just the human nature of a good person to do that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a turtle who was just hit by a car, or a starving dog walking the streets. It not only helps the animal but it feels good too. But when an animal takes in a different species to care for, it’s unique and very special. Let’s take a look at one such special relationship between a tabby cat and some orphaned hedgehogs.




Sonya is a ginger mother cat who took in four hedgehog babies. The hedgehogs had just lost their mother, and greatly needed nourishment and tender care. That’s where Sonya comes in. She took those hedgehogs in without a second thought. Perhaps it was because she still had milk and was nursing her own lone kitten. But whatever the case may be, Sonya changed their lives for the better with her selfless act.





Sonja not only feeds the little ones, but she allows them to snuggle up to her. That kind of compassion is rather rare in the animal world. It does happen, but probably not too frequently. Hedgehogs even resemble the little things such as baby rabbits and rodents that cats like to dine on. Maybe that is what makes this story even more special.




A side benefit is that the hedgehogs now have a kitten for a brother. And the lone kitten won’t be an only child anymore. He now has 4 little hedgehog siblings. This was all a match made in heaven I’m pretty sure. All thanks to a tabby cat who thought more about the needs of others than just herself.


Take a look at the adorable video below.


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