Mama Corgi is Depressed When Puppies Die, Then She Meets a Special Kitten

Johanna is the owner of a corgi named Irma. The sweet little dog was always fun and brought joy into Johanna’s life. Corgis are small dogs with big personalities. They have short legs, a bouncy butt and big barks. Johanna had a loyal pet on her hands with a loyal disposition. Then the family got the wonderful news – Irma was going to be a mama corgi!

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

When Irma became pregnant, she and her family were thrilled.

Irma was was going to have seven puppies. While this might seem like a lot, it’s actually the average litter size the breed usually has per pregnancy. They couldn’t wait to welcome the new family into their lives.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan during Irma’s pregnancy. Until she went into labor. Johanna noticed she wasn’t dealing with it well. She wondered if Irma would be able to deliver her puppies. It turns out she was right. Irma would need an emergency C-section to deliver the puppies. Her owners rushed her to the vet where, sadly, all the puppies died..

Irma’s owner brought her home and tried to cheer her up.

It was clear Irma was grieving. Nothing she did seemed to make her very happy. Irma had been preparing to become a mother, and all of a sudden her chance had been taken away from her. Johanna knew that Irma needed to be a mother to something. If she couldn’t be a mother to the puppies, she could be a mother to something else.

It even matched Irma’s coloring!

Image via screencapture via YouTube video

Mama corgi took right to the kitten and started caring for it.

Irma had a purpose again. The kitten gave her a purpose and made her feel like a mother again. She didn’t mind that it was a kitten. To her it was just a baby that needed love, care and protection above anything else. She started to cheer up.

Clearly, Irma was a great mother and the kitten was changing her life. She went from moping around the house every day and being sad about her puppies, to feeling like she has a baby of her own. Her motherly instincts kicked back in and the kitten has become her own.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

She does everything a mother should do. She feeds it, keeps it warm, snuggles and helps it use the bathroom. Irma truly is a wonderful mama. Johanna and her family were devastated after the puppies had died and the sadness Irma was feeling. One tiny kitten changed it all. Love knows no boundaries. All it took to cheer Irma up was to find a way for her to show all the love she had been saving for her puppies. She truly is an amazing little dog and she will no doubt do great with this kitten.

Watch the sweet video below.

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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