Mama Donkey Is Dying Of Depression And Hunger Strike Until She’s Reunited With Her Baby

As a parent, it is hard to imagine ever being separated from your child. On top of that, imagine having no clue where they were  or when you would see them next. When a parent is separated from a child, they go through more sadness, confusion, and stress than anyone should. Sadly, this donkey had to suffer through a similar situation.

At an auction, this mama donkey and her young son got rescued by a Good Samaritan. Soon after their rescue, the close pair became separated.

Speranza Animal Rescue

At Speranza Animal Rescue, a worker named Janine took in the young donkey named Colonel. Unfortunately, his mother named Mary, went to a different home. This left poor Colonel without his mother. Located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Speranza Animal Rescue rehabilitates animals who went through abuse or neglect.

Never being without her son since his birth, Mary felt heartbroken without Colonel. This heartbreak led her into a deep depression. For the whole week after the separation, she stayed far away from anybody and would not eat.

Meanwhile, Colonel seemed just as upset. On Janine’s farm, Colonel refused to play with the other rescue animals. He would cry out for his mother hoping that one day she would respond.

A few long days after, the farm where Mary was, sent Janine new pictures of the donkey. From the pictures, it became obvious the donkey was losing a lot of weight from her lack of eating. At that time, Janine knew she needed to bring Mary home to her farm to meet with Colonel again.

The Reunion

Knowing it would be a sweet reunion, she expected to see quite a few sniffs and nuzzles. However, what she saw was way more than that. When the two met again, their reunion, captured in the video below, was more emotional than she expected. Ever since the reunion, the two have remained inseparable as before.

Donkeys are so lovable

Violet is a four week old Lamanche goat and Monty is a very friendly donkey. In this video he rushes up to Violet for a good sniff. His size is intimidating and Violet decides that she is not quite ready for a new friend who is so much larger than she is. She runs around behind Alana and takes cover. Alana picked Violet up and chuckled at the way this was going. After a short time, it was time to leave, but Monty wasn’t ready to say goodbye and he began trying to get his face as close to Violet’s as possible.

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