Man Is Abusing Momma And Her Pups On The Street, What They Found Next Left Them Horrified

A man was seen abusing a dog on the streets and then trying to sell her puppies for money. When local authorities found out about it, they took the man and the dogs to the local police station. The dogs spent the night at the station.  An order was being put in place to permanently remove these innocent animals from his cruel hands. Once the court order was signed, the dogs were placed with The Society For The Protection Of Stray Animals also known as SPAZ.

Once in the caring hands of SPAZ employees and volunteers, the dogs were taken care of and a successful search found the father dog and also four more of the puppies.  The father and pups were confiscated by SPAZ.  Mother, Father, and pups were examined and then given the necessary vaccinations.  The mother and father dogs are scheduled to be neutered and spayed. Then they will be put up for adoption along with their puppies who happen to all be boys.

Thanks to the caring individuals at SPAZ, these dogs will now find good homes.  Somewhere they will be loved and taken care of.  They are beautiful dogs who deserve way better than in the hands of that cruel man.

A video was made of the life trials of this canine family.  Make sure to watch until the end of the video.  You will see mom and dad running free along with their puppies.  To think that they were abused, living on chains with the puppies shut in a box and carried around may be hard to stomach.

Thankfully as you can see from the end section of the video, their future looks bright thanks to the caring people at SPAZ

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