Man Adopts 45 Dogs And A Wolf, When They See Their New Home It's A Wild Frenzy Of Excitement

Mark Starmer has taken the term multi-dog household to a whole new level. This compassionate British Colombian man has adopted 45 shelter dogs and a wolf.

             “We live with 45 dogs and a Grey Wolf”

While living with that many canines may sound challenging to some, building them a deluxe 4-acre high fenced enclosure was a bit more work.  Once the enclosure was finished it was time to celebrate by letting the dogs out.  The video below shows them being let loose to play in it for the first time.”

Many dogs in America are much like their owners in that they don’t get enough exercise. No fear of that happening!  Some of his dogs are airborne as they sprint and bound to freedom in the video.

Starmer is the video photographer who comments that “the camera gets a bit shaky as they try to run me over” he does a 180 with the camera as he narrates “and there they go!”

Now the dogs can run free and that is exactly what they do! This is truly a dog’s dream come true. All of these dogs let loose all at once, you would think a few may be walking or fighting with another dog.  That was not the case, each dog has on its happy face as they make a mad dash to explore their new home.

If I could build an enclosure like this I would…how about you?  Would you consider building one of these?

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