Man and his dog have run into a spiny creature in the woods, both are frozen in place

Porcupines are not animals we usually think about. They are not too common to see. But they are animals in the wild. Although many people think these animals are dangerous, they are actually pretty relaxed. Porcupines would not harm something unless they felt in danger. There aren’t many creatures that will mess with Porcupines because of how well equipped their bodies are. Even though this mammal is pretty docile, their bodies are meant for protection. So do not mess with one. Quills cover their backs for protection. And despite popular belief, they cannot shoot their quills. Also, a Porcupine can climb up trees for protection.

These unique species eat bark and plants. Their diet is very similar to that of a Beaver’s. Often these animals chew on wood for the salty or sweet taste of it. Usually, when people are around they retreat, even if they are eating. While on a walk with his dogs in Sault St. Marie, Tom saw a Porcupine. He was absolutely massive and intimidating. But he was occupied; the mammal was snacking on some bark.

After Tom put his dogs away, he went back to the spot where the large animal was still waiting, eating some bark. Tom could not believe that he did not move. The Porcupine was barely affected by Tom’s presence. In fact, he continued to chow down on his bark. It must have been good enough for him not to run away!

The video below is hilarious. Tom talks to the Porcupine while he continues to eat the bark. Tom can hardly believe how large the thing is. It was definitely bigger than his small dogs. The whole thing was caught on tape. Make sure to check it out below! Also, like us on Facebook!

Source: Porcupine has funny interaction with man in the woods by WildCreatures

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