Man attempts to abandon dog at the lake by pushing it out of the car, but the dog has different plans


If you’ve ever witnessed a terrible scene of abuse in your life, you know how hard it is to get it out of your head. Sometimes, witnessing something can be a blessing for the one being abused. At least if a decent person sees the abuse taking place, there is a chance to stop it or help the individual being abused. This is the true story of both an abusive act and a good Samaritan stepping in.


This story took place in Bakersfield, California. A good Samaritan named Stephen Sage Silver witnessed an angry couple hitting a dog on the face. The couple had just kicked their dog out of their vehicle and they were hitting the dog on the face. The dog seemed confused as if they were playing.  Silver stopped and asked them what they were doing.  The man ignored Silver and continued to be mean to the dog.



Then the couple attempted to drive off. The dog wanted back in the vehicle but the couple tried to continue driving away. As they drove away the man yelled, “It’s your dog, not mine!” Silver yelled back, “Hell no, that’s your dog, man! That’s f**ked up. This guy is dumping his dog right here.”



Thanks To The Good Samaritan, This Dog Is Now Being Cared For By Kern County Animal Services


The dog continued to try to chase the vehicle. Then the driver stopped and threw the dog down. Next, the couple drove away for good, leaving the dog abandoned. Silver called Kern County Animal Services who took the dog into their care. The shelter hopes to find a loving home soon for the sweet dog.



In an attempt to bring justice to the cruel couple who dumped their dog like this, Silver has shared the video that he took on Facebook. In conclusion, maybe someone will recognize them or their vehicle and bring justice to them.



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