Man battles for ownership of dog, Judge Judy steps in


Think for a moment what it would be like to lose your dog. Then add in that you know where your dog is but someone else has claimed your dog as theirs. I can’t even imagine the pain and emotions that a situation like that would bring, but that’s exactly what one man went through when he lost his dog. It took Judge Judy to set things right.



The dog, named Baby Boy escaped from his yard. Baby Boy was picked up by a person who wanted to turn a quick profit by selling the dog. The woman who bought the dog didn’t realize that Baby Boy had an owner who was greatly missing him. It turns out that the woman and the man lived in close proximity to each other. Soon the man found out about Baby Boy’s whereabouts. But the woman wasn’t going to give the dog back without a court order to do so. So that’s exactly what it took to reunite Baby Boy with his owner.




Judge Judy Let The Dog Decide


In the world of the judicial system, things can get very confusing and technical. As in this case with Baby Boy, there was also legal documentation of notes and evidence such as paperwork from the vet. But Judge Judy decided to have someone bring Baby Boy into the courtroom, to let him decide who the real owner was.



Like the climax of a great book or movie, Baby Boy ran right to the man. The dog jumped up and down in excitement when he saw his owner. Judge Judy told the man that he could pick up his dog and take him home. The dog didn’t even look at the woman but instead made a beeline for the man. It truly was an emotional moment for all. Take a look for yourself in the video of the courtroom scene.



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