This Man Beats Four-Month Old Puppy To Death And Karma Bites Him

A man from Vancouver Island in Canada has been arrested and sentenced to four months in jail for beating a defenseless four-month-old puppy to death.

Robert Carolan of Duncan was found guilty on January 11th and is banned from owning animals for ten full years as a result of his horrific crime. He should never be allowed near another animal again for as long as he lives, let alone own one.


He beat that poor little guy to death. The puppy’s name was Dux. The SPCA of Canada says that a necropsy shows that the mixed-breed puppy suffered blunt trauma to the head as well as his right rib. His death was likely the result of a hole in his lung as a result of the broken rib that wouldn’t allow the poor little guy to take a full breath.

His little lungs just wouldn’t inflate anymore.

Marcie Moriarty, the chief prevention and enforcement officer with the B.C. SPCA, said that she was glad Carolan received actual jail time for his crime. She only added that she wished it had been a longer sentence.

“This is a statement that in British Columbia, if not elsewhere across Canada, we are actually seeing jail for individuals who intentionally harm their animals,” said Moriarty.

It’s not only Canada, either. In the United States, you will serve time in jail if you are caught harming an animal intentionally.


Carolan attempted to claim that the puppy had drowned during a bath when he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette.

However, once they did the autopsy, Carolan could not explain how the little guy had received the grievous injuries to his head and rib.

Moriarty and the SPCA said that they are have noticed recently that the courts are starting to give more jail time in animal cruelty cases. Sometimes sentences can be as long as two years.

Jail time in these types of cases because violence towards animals is often indicative of other things.

“There is a link between violence against animals and other types of violence.”

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