Veteran brings a service dog into prison, suddenly the dog sprints towards inmate

Pax is a service dog that was assigned to help Bill Campbell, a disabled veteran cope with injuries suffered in the Iraq War. Campbell had suffered a brain injury so severe that loved ones were concerned he would never recover.

Pax did indeed help Campbell recover from his brain injury. Campbell wanted to learn more about Pax because he was such an amazing dog. That meant taking a trip back to where Pax received his training. Pax was specially trained to help veterans with PTSD.

Campbell and Pax took a trip to the Bedford Hills Women Correction Facility. This is where Pax received his training. Little did anyone know that this would be a very special trip for Pax. This is where Pax had formed a bond with his handler, owner and most special of humans in his life, Lauri.

A Heartfelt Reunion

When Campbell and Pax arrived at the Correctional Facility, Pax picked out Lauri immediately. He kissed her and jumped in her arms. Pax must have greatly missed his human friend. This beautiful reunion brought Campbell and Lauri together to meet each other. Had it not been for Lauri training Pax so well, Campbell might have still been suffering.

After the joyful reunion between Lauri and Pax, Lauri took Campbell to see the rest of the facility. Campbell got to meet the other service dogs that were in training just like Pax went through. Campbell later described the whole visit as a very moving experience. Not only was he getting to see the facility, but he got to see where Pax was born and grew up.

This is such a powerful story that illustrates how animals can help humans. If it weren’t for Pax, Campbell might be living a lower quality of life. Pax was able to help Campbell through a very difficult time. We owe much gratitude to all of the service dogs like Pax out there.

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