Man creates treasures out of trash as he turns old tires into beds for these stray animals


Some people have a gift of turning someone else’s junk into a treasure for themselves. And then there are those extraordinary people that not only recycle items into treasures, but they make something for others out of it. This is the story of one man’s mission to turn old tires into beds for homeless pets.



Armarildo noticed discarded tires stacking up in a parking lot of a store he worked at. Being the creative man that he is, he thought that he could make pet beds out of tires. He also saw a need. Homeless dogs and cats on the streets would take refuge in old tires. So Armarildo set out on a mission to make those tires more comfy for pets needing beds.



Finding old tires was not hard. Armarildo recycles used tires that he found on the streets. He also takes tire donations from people wanting to help. First, he separates the tires, then he cuts, washes, paints and decorates each one. As a finishing touch, if the animal has a name, he writes the name on the tire. As an added touch, he adds carrying straps and a comfortable mattress that he sews himself.




Over 6,000 Tire Beds Have Been Made And Distributed


Armarildo has made over 6,000 beds for homeless animals including shelter animals and also some for pets. His beds have gained international attention on the internet. People from around the world are interested in purchasing his eco-friendly recycled tire pet beds.




Armarildo expressed his gratitude for being able to make and provide beds for pets. “I am very moved because what used to be trash in the environment now becomes something very useful for animals,” he said.




Check out this video that showcases Armarildo’s beds. Watching how some of the animals react to the beds is priceless. Enjoy and share!




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