Man didn't want to visit the shelter, but this dog changed his mind and more

Prepare yourself for one of the most touching scenes we’ve written about in quite some time. As writers, it’s our job to report on a story and give you the facts. We never expect to become a part of the stories we are writing about for you. However, that all changed one day when a journalist was visiting a shelter. You see, one extraordinary shelter dog decided he really liked that reporter.


Specifically, the journalist in question visited the shelter to do a story for his magazine. However, the man soon realized a new tale was wrapping itself around his legs.

Image Screenshot from Love for Animals via Facebook Video

According to a witness, the second the journalist entered the place — the shelter dog grabbed the man’s leg in a bear hug.


Apparently, for the dog, it was love at first sight. Of course, the journalist, feeling incredibly touched by the dog’s love, started to pat it on its head.

Image Screenshot from Love for Animals via Facebook Video

The Redditor named NeniuDormo, who shared the adorable video, described the moment.

“Covering a story at an animal shelter, a journalist was grabbed by this dog and wouldn’t let go.”


If you think the story ends there, you would be wrong. Adorably, according to the witness, the shelter dog’s ploy worked. What happened next is precisely what everyone was hoping would happen.

Image Screenshot from Love for Animals via Facebook Video

The dog’s affection touched the journalist so profoundly, he decided then and there to adopt the sweet thing. Now, the journalist will get his hugs, and the dog will get his head rubs every single day.

Watch the sweet video below.

Here at Animals Being Cute, you know we encourage everyone to adopt instead of shop. This story is a perfect example of why we do that. Your best friend is waiting in a shelter for you right now. Please share this with your friends to show them the benefits of adoption.

Featured Image Screenshots from Love for Animals via Facebook Video

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