Man Driving Along Spots an Unexpected Duo Romping Through the Woods

A man is driving along one day when what should he happen to see? Two tiny animals romping through the woods. At first he couldn’t believe what he was seeing – two small guinea pigs scurrying about in the brush. The man immediately pulled over and called the RSPCA. Had someone lost their pet, or was this the work of someone dropping them off in the middle of no where? There wasn’t any way they would be able to survive in the woods by themselves. One; they would succumb to the elements, or two; something larger would end up grabbing them.

Image by RSPCA

RSPCA inspector Mick Darling rushed out to try and rescue them — he was just as shocked as the man was that these guinea pigs had somehow ended up in the woods all alone.

“These two have obviously been pets who have either escaped or sadly been abandoned when they were no longer wanted,” Darling said in a press release. “Anything could have happened to this vulnerable pair who could have easily been attacked by another animal or succumbed to the cold, wintry weather.”

One man’s kindness leads to a rescue.

It took a bit of chasing, but they finally got the two guinea pigs huddled together. Darling was able to catch and safely secure them. He took them to the RSPCA’s Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch. Once there, the staff named the sweet year-old guinea pigs Buttercup and Pixie.

Image by RSPCA

It is still unsure if anyone had actually dumped them in the woods. It could be possible that they escaped an outdoor enclosure. Luckily, the guinea pigs were healthy and happy when they arrived at the shelter, and if no one steps forward to claim them, they’ll be put up for adoption and find a fabulous new forever home.

Image by RSPCA

“Unfortunately, it’s a sight we see all too often but I’m glad that on this occasion we were able to find the little critters, catch them and take them to a place of safety,” Darling said. “If anyone knows what may have happened to them or where they’ve come from then I’d urge them to get in touch with our appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Image by RSPCA

Featured Image by RSPCA via The Dodo

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