Man Scales Deadly Cliff To Save His Dog–It Cost Him His Life

On a cold holiday morning near Daly City’s Thornton Beach, the type of day seemed to be one to draw families and dogs to the coast. Just after 11:30, a man’s attempt to save a dog cost him his life.

After his dog made his way down a cliff, partway to be exact along Skyline Drive, his owner, a 67 year old man, tried to rescue him.

In his attempt to rescue his beloved pet, he slipped and feel nearly 500 feet. Firefighters tried to beat the high tide and save the man. Sadly, it seemed to be too late.

While a California Highway Patrol helicopter lifted the firefighters along with the dead man, his family gathered around to get the dog and console one another.

“The dog knows if you are hurt and sometimes with the cliff they get overstimulated and don’t know all the facts,” says dog walker Kyle Moreno.

This area has a reputation for being a popular but dangerous area for dog walkers and families.

“Stay on the trails, especially I mean the ice plants will be slippery with the moisture,” said Rath Skallion. “That’s why I can see someone slipping on the edge.”

The park now warns people to try not to retrieve their dogs. They say dogs often survive. But, people aren’t always as lucky.

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