Man Finds Abandoned Kitten Living In Pipe Alone – Then He Calls For Him

 Stray animals roam around everywhere. It breaks anybody’s heart to see such sweet animals scavenging for food and moping around. Just imagine how hard this would be for such sweet helpless animals. Nobody would be willing to watch an animal suffer, and Robin Seplut was no exception.

This man loves saving animals. Specifically, he loves to help feed and save kittens outside in need of help. When he found this kitten, it lived all alone in a pipe. It broke his heart. The kitten lived all by himself.

It must be so hard to be so helpless and without love. For any kitten, trying to fend for himself and not getting attention becomes very hard and sad.

Robin found this kitten and did everything he could to help. Currently, he feeds the kitten. Now, he is on the hunt for a forever home for this cute abandoned kitten.

Good thing he saw this kitten…watch the video below to hear more about the sweet story!

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