Man Finds Hawk Covered in Barbed Thorns, Removes Each One To Save This Protected Bird

While traveling to Table Mesa, Arizona Gregory Scott Schriner and a friend spotted a hawk on the side of the road that looked like she was in distress.

The men recognized the huge burrs that were covering the Hawks body.  The burrs are covered in barbed spines that are excruciatingly painful.  She not only had one but was covered all over her body in them.

“I saw a hawk fly across the road in front of me,” Gregory says. “I noticed she was covered in chollas and wasn’t flying very well.”

She must have been in so much pain every time she moved the spines would dig deeper into her body.  The two men decided to pull the car over and lend a helping hand.  Schriner picked her up wrapping his jacket around her and brought her into their car.

It’s amazing how still the hawk is while Gregory carefully uses a sharp knife to remove each of the huge balls of barbed thorns.  The thorns were on her face, wings and even in her mouth.

Being a predator, this hawk has a beak and claws that are sharp and dangerous, it’s truly amazing to see the hawk trusting a human while he opens her wings and her mouth to remove the thorns.  Even when he is finished and prepares her to be released she doesn’t give any fight at all.   Once he’s removed as many of the chollas as he can, Gregory brings the hawk back outside and sets her free. You can see that she flies away and looks to be OK after being helped!

In the video, you can see her fly off and appears to be OK.    Without the help of these two men, she wouldn’t have made it through the night.

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