Man finds unwanted mice, instead of hunting them down he did something unheard of

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When most people see mice, they are not excited. Usually, people consider mice to be rodents or pest. Often times, these types of people will set up traps throughout their house in order to try to catch the mice. Although mice are unwanted creatures in most scenarios, Simon Dell thinks the exact opposite of them. He actually enjoys the little animals’ presence. So he welcomed a village of them with something you will be amazed by. 

Simon Dell did something absolutely unheard of. The artistic man who is a practicing photographer built the mice something in his backyard. A place for them to live. A VILLAGE!


After putting much thought and time into it, Dell built his furry friends a whole town in his garden. And the mice were in love with the outcome.

After Dell meticulously designed everything for the mice, the town was made up of wood, moss, fruits, seeds, acorns, plants, rocks, flowers, and more. So many mice gathered in the beautiful village. Because Dell put in so much hard work, the pictures turned out beautiful.

But his village did not start large. It only started with one little home. Then he noticed that the mice were outgrowing their space. So Dell built on to his mini village. Once he added the addition more mice came, until he had his own colony.

This village is basically a luxury resort for mice. Dell does not hesitate to treat his guests well. Along with housing the mice, he also feeds them. Any mice would be crazy not to want to live in this amazing place.

Without Dell, these mice would not have such a sweet little home. Maybe we all need to start thinking like Dell. Instead of trying to kill mice, we should make them a village.

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