Man gives heart wrenching goodbye to pit bull but vows to return, sweetest reunion ever

One of the stories that many shelter employees across the country hear is that a pet owner is coming back for their pet someday. But this is seldom true. It could be that people feel a pang of guilt and don’t know what else to say. Or maybe they do have plans to come back but for one reason or another never do. Well, hang tight before you stop reading this sad reality. This the story of an owner that kept his word and returned for his beloved dog. The reunion for the dog and his human was a joyous one.

Dog owner Lewis Jimenez received the terrible news that his landlord would not allow him to keep his pit bull, Titus anymore in his apartment. If he did not get rid of the dog, he would be evicted. Jimenez had nowhere else to go, so he asked family and friends if they could take Titus. When no one was able to take the dog, Jimenez took Titus to the animal shelter. But he promised he would return.

And return he did, but only for visits. Though Titus obviously enjoyed the visits, he did not fare well at the shelter without his constant companion. A shelter staff explains, “Titus has been with us for 4 months. His family was forced to surrender him due to problems with their apartment complex, but they’ve been moving mountains to bring him home ever since.”

“Titus has been stressed out at the shelter and generally having a tough time. His family would come to visit him, but we can’t imagine the heartbreak for them or him every time they had to leave without him. They had raised him from puppyhood; they were the only family he’s ever known.”

One day, after Titus had lived at the shelter for 4 months, the visit would be different because Jimenez had returned to take Titus to his new home for good. Shelter staff explained,

“Yesterday was the day we’ve all been waiting for. With new housing in place, Titus’ dad came to take him home. And as you can see from the photos, happiness is an understatement for this moment.”

In this case, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Just look at this joyful reunion! Now that’s a happy ending!

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