Man Hears Strange Noise Outside And Makes A Horrifying Discovery In His Neighbor's Dog Pen

Dwayne Pressley, a resident of North Edwards, California, was hanging out with his friends one night. He heard a noise that terrified him and knew he had to investigate. He looked over into his neighbor’s dog pen and saw a horrific scene.

A two-year-old boy had fallen into the dog pen. Inside the pen was a pit bull, the family’s dog, and the dog had attacked the boy.

Pressley acted quickly and almost thoughtlessly to save the boy. He ran to the yard, tore down the chain link fence and took the boy from the dog’s grip. Pressley’s biggest fear was that the boy was dead. It was hard to tell what state the boy was in as he sat crouched, covering his eye.

Pressley tucked the boy into his jacket because the boy was cold and wet. While he did this, the dog began to attack Pressley. He struggled to keep the dog away from them both and still be able to get out of the yard.

The boy’s rescuer couldn’t see the severity of his injuries until they were out of the dog pen. It was then that he saw the boy had been mauled.

Pressley described the poor child as a bloody mess, and said, “It exposed his eye back to the cheekbone…the dog had already had the side of his face eaten, and it was horrific for me but I had to overcome it and do what I had to do and put the child in my arms and protect him from the dog. It was a reaction anyone would’ve done.”

There were other people around at the time of the attack and who had witnessed it but were too frightened to intervene. Even so, Pressley doesn’t view his actions as anything heroic. He explained that it was simply what had to be done.

“Children are supposed to be protected, I don’t care what you have to do in life. Them children come first. No matter what. Drop what you’re doing. Them children come first,” he said.

The Consequences That Followed

The boy sustained severe facial injuries, but he will make a full recovery from the incident. Later on, deputies learned that the boy’s mother had fallen asleep and did not know her son had been attacked.

The boy’s parents are also the owner of the dog who had attached their son. Both parents were arrested for felony child endangerment and have pleaded not guilty.

This horrible incident could have been much worse, but locals and law enforcement are grateful for Pressley’s timely rescue of the toddler!

Dwayne Pressley: Hero

A 2-year-old boy was being mauled by a pit bull. Dwayne Pressley saw this and immediately jumped into action, saving the toddlers life. Dwayne is a hero in my book, but he won’t say so. Here is his story.

Posted by Jeff Platt – Eyewitness News on Thursday, March 22, 2018

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