While Remembering His Grandmother's Life, Man Leaps Into Action To Save Another Life

On a Pier in Melbourne, Australia 20-year-old Raden Soemawinata was there that day to scatter his grandmother’s ashes into the bay.   But as he was remembering his grandmother’s life, he had no idea he’d end up saving another life. What he did next was heroic.

As he was saying is a final farewell, a tiny Maltese Mix named Bibi was knocked off the pier by a strong wind and landed in the turbulent water below.   His owner, Sue Drummond, was in a panic fearing that her sweet little friend would drown.Without hesitation, Raden quickly stripped down to his underwear and jumped into the water to save the scared pup. Strangers had stopped to watch the daring rescue.

Thankfully,  this hero was able to grab Bibi and lift him out of the water to safety. Soemawinata held the wet dog up while Drummond knelt down and pulled him up.

When Raden finally made it out of the water himself Drummond gave him a huge hug.  She also let out a big sigh of relief that her furbaby was safe and sound. Who would have expected this to happen?  Drummond never expected this in the first place, but I’m sure she’ll hold onto Bibi while at the pier the next time they walk there. Without Soemawinata, poor Bibi may have drowned.

Would you jump in if you saw a dog struggling in the water?  Drummond said she wasn’t sure she would be able to swim to shore with a struggling dog so she hesitated to jump in.  If Soemawinata had not reacted so quickly, poor Bibi may have drowned. Soemawinata is being hailed as a hero.  He was at the right place at the right time to save this little pup.

See the video of the dramatic rescue below:

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