Man Becomes A Hero After Stopping His Motorcycle For Cat Stuck In The Road


Quentin Leroy never expected to see what he saw as he rode his motorcycle down the road. In fact, if he even looked away for a second, he most likely would have missed seeing her. But he was focused on the road ahead and saw the kitten just in time.


Quentin Leroy

Quentin was out for a ride in Belgium last month when he saw the kitten in the middle of the road. If a car had come speeding around the corner she most likely would have been killed. But thankfully, it was Quentin who was paying attention and did not run her over.

“I was shocked,” Leroy said. “I screamed out, ‘No! There’s a little cat in the middle of the road!’”


Leroy pulled right over to rescue the little furball. Another driver also came to a quick stop.


Quentin Leroy


Take a Look At The Dramatic Rescue Here



The look on the kitten’s face when she was rescued was priceless. It appears that she knew she was in danger when her heroes stopped to save her life. Let’s hope that she gets a great forever home and can be an example of the difference being a good Samaritan can make to innocent animals like her.

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