Man Reads About Stolen Dog When He Spots Thief, He Calls Dog’s Name His Next Move Goes Viral

Zeus, a Jack Russell Terrier who’s famous for his mad kiteboarding skills, was allegedly stolen on November 4, leaving his family heartbroken. Everyone was worried that they may never see their 17-pound bundle of black-and-white cuteness again.

Dimitri Maramenides and his family discovered Zeus was missing when they returned to their truck after competing in an event. So they called the police, hired a pet detective and posted a $3500 reward for his safe return, The Tampa Bay Times reports.

And worried friends and family posted this on Facebook:

Where was the stolen kiteboarding canine?

Zeus catches a wave. Screenshot by Dimitri Maramenides via YouTube video

Now here’s the part where serendipity steps in.  A kind-hearted teenager who was studying for a test at a park in West Tampa, Florida was checking his Facebook. Miguel Camacho, an aspiring journeyman electrician, wrapped up his studying so he grabbed his phone. And decided to check his Facebook. A friend shared a post about a kiteboarding dog allegedly stolen the previous Sunday by an older white man in his 60s or 70s.

Miguel noticed the man was driving a grey sedan. Then the man pulled a black-and-white Jack Russell terrier out of his car.

“I was sitting there, reading the article,” Miguel said. “The guy pulls up, gets out of the car, grabs the dog and I’m thinking, man this looks just like that dog.”

And indeed, it was Zeus.

So Miguel called the number listed on the Facebook post and talked to Cameron, Dimitri’s 16-year-old son. His father is a world-renowned kiteboarder, and Cameron is following his dad’s footsteps, Happiest reports. He’ll be competing in the 2020 Olympics. But he was clearly worried about his poor dog, so Miguel decided to do whatever he could to make sure Zeus was reunited with his family.

They called the police, but the police couldn’t do anything until Zeus’s owners showed up. So Cameron asked Miguel if he could stay put until Zeus’s family arrived. Miguel’s test was coming up soon, but the pain in Cameron’s voice was clear and Miguel still wanted to do what he could.

So he kept track of the older man’s gray sedan by following him. Then the man stepped out of his car, wanting to know why Camacho was following him.

“I believe that dog isn’t yours,” the teen said.

He called Zeus’s name and the little dog hopped out of the sedan and into Camacho’s car. Fortunately, the confrontation was brief and peaceful. And after being stolen he was missing for several days, Zeus the kiteboarding dog rejoined his family on November 8.

The nightmare finally ended

And things in the Maramenides household are back to normal. While family members say they are exhausted, there’s a feeling of elation now that they have their friend back. And they are thankful for Camacho’s bravery.

He’s back to kiteboarding again!

Things are splashing right along. Screenshot by Dimitri Maramenides via YouTube video

Camacho didn’t know there was a reward for finding Zeus, but he says the money will definitely come in handy. He’s placing it in savings for his two kids. And when his teacher found out about the teen’s bravery, the test was rescheduled.

Zeus and his canine companions. Screenshot by Dimitri Maramenides via YouTube video

As far as happy endings go, this one is pretty epic!

You can watch Zeus’s story unfold in the videos below.

Featured image by Dimitri Maramenides via Facebook

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