Man saves dog from being euthanized, he had no idea what was about to happen

Nicolas wanted to foster a dog to save her from being euthanized. What he didn’t realize was that he was saving not 1 but 7 dogs that day. Yes, that’s right, puppies!

Emma was a dog in danger of being euthanized at a shelter. The sad fact is that some shelters just don’t have room for all the dogs that come in. When they need to make more room, they euthanize those that have been there a while but have not been adopted.

Emma, was one of those dogs on death row. When Nicholas heard about Emma through a friend, he sprang into action. Nicholas had fostered a dog before, so he knew that he could do it again. He worked the details out with the founder of Jesse’s Place. In a letter to Jesse’s Place, he wrote, “I’m interested in fostering and possibly adopting this sweet girl…I’m very patient, calm, gentle, and have plenty of time to work with her. My last rescued boy died in 2016 from cancer.”

When Nicholas brought Emma home he made a remarkable discovery. He had not only rescued Emma but some puppies also. Emma was pregnant! Nicholas prepared to help Emma give birth if she needed assistance. As it turns out 6 healthy puppies were born. Two of them were boys, and four were girls.

Emma and the puppies have been doing fine. This is all thanks to Nicholas who found it in his heart to bring this sweet girl home. In the process, he saved a total of 7 dogs from anticipated death.

Way to go Nicholas. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for opening not only your heart but also your home to Emma and her puppies. You could have backed out when you found out she was pregnant. Instead, you gave her the support that she needed during a trying time.

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