Man saves kitten literally “stuck” with glue to a busy road, both lives were changed forever

People in our world can be incredibly cruel, especially towards innocent animals. However, there are those who go out of their way to make sure they are taken care of. That’s our story today. A story of a man being kind enough to stop in the middle of a busy road after finding a kitten. This man saves said kitten that was stuck – literally glued – to the road.

Chuck Hawley from Silverton, Oregon had been on his way to work when he spotted something in the road. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a tiny kitten stuck on the lane.

“I was driving to work and saw cars in front of me passing over something in the road, and realized it was a kitten sitting upright shaking like a leaf,” Chuck told Love Meow.

So I’m driving down the road this morning and the cars in front of me are driving over a black thing in the road. It’s…

Posted by Chuck Hawley on Friday, October 19, 2018

The tiny kitten couldn’t break free and no one besides Chuck decided to stop and help. A lot of cars would drive around her, yet no one stopped. Thankfully, Chuck’s heart was twice as kind. He stopped traffic carefully, and got out to help. Carefully, he removed her tiny paws from the road. Her paws were tender and she was shaking like a leaf.

Image by Chuck Hawley via screencapture from website Love Meow

Man saves kitten and gets the best reward

Once the kitten received a bath, given some food, she was in much better shape. “We don’t know who put her there or how long she was there, but she was wet and cold and had leaves stuck to her,” Chuck told Love Meow.

Hawley took the kitten to Silver Creek Animal Clinic to be inspected. Vets removed the rest of the glue, while also treating her raw paws with mineral oil. This man received the best reward after the whole ordeal was complete. His tabby girl clung to him with hugs and purrs galore.

Image by Chuck Hawley via screencapture from website Love Meow

“She was too sticky to really move when I got her off the road but once she was cleaned up, my shoulder was where she wanted to be,” Chuck remarked.

Forever home, forever loved

It’s with a happy heart to say that he adopted this tiny girl. The kitten is so small that she even cuddles up with the dogs.

Image by Chuck Hawley

He knew once he brought her home that she’d become part of the family. “We were just talking about getting a cat the other night. She could have found an easier way to find us but she found us,” he said. “We are definitely keeping her. My wife has named her Sticky.”

Image by Chuck Hawley

It took less than a day to change this kitten’s life. “She went from the worst luck ever to the luckiest kitten in the world,” he added.

Image by Chuck Hawley

“I feel like I did the normal human being thing, and everyone should have stopped to help her,” Chuck said. “She’s a super lover and purrer. She slept between my wife and me last night.”

“I’m glad I found her because we scored a cool cat! She will be well loved!”


As Sticky got bigger, the family noticed she was a BOY! Which isn’t uncommon for kittens. His favorite past-times are following Chuck around.

Image by Chuck Hawley

Because social media loved the story, Chuck decided to create a book.

Aghhhhhh!!!!! It’s ALMOST done!!!! Thank you for everyone that has preordered this book!! We can’t wait to get this to …

Posted by Chuck Hawley on Monday, December 10, 2018

This man has an amazing and kind soul. We thank you for taking the time to stop and save the tiny kitten!

Featured Image by Chuck Hawley via screencapture from website Love Meow

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