Man Sees Three Dogs Trapped In Burning Car–Then It Explodes

One man had no idea he was going to take on the role of the Good Samaritan when he saw three dogs trapped in a burning car. 

Peter Koska was on his way to work just like any other day when he noticed a black SUV on fire.  Upon further inspection he could see 3 dogs were trapped inside alone with no human around.

Fires and automobiles do not go good together.  It is a recipe for disaster.  A recipe for an explosion to be exact.  But Koska did not hesitate to becoming a hero for the 3 dogs.  “I figured I had time to get in there and get them out,” Koska remembers.  Thankfully the door to the SUV was unlocked.  Without worrying about his own safety, Koska opened the door and two of the dogs jumped out.  However the 3rd dog, a Labradoodle was too frightened to go with this stranger.  Koska reached in and grabbed the dog into his arms of safety.

Moments later the vehicle exploded.  One of the dogs became frightened and ran off.  It wasn’t long before Janice, the caretaker of the dogs appeared.  She was a dog walker who had momentarily left the dogs in her vehicle to pick up another dog.  Koska and Janice were soon able to find the dog who ran off.

“Those dogs have to be family to somebody.”

“My son has a dog that we love. It’s like family.  So I figured you know, those dogs have to be family to somebody,” Koska said when explaining why he endangered his own life to help the dogs.

Thanks to Koska, the 3 dogs are all home now with their families safe and sound.

What do you think you would have done if you saw these 3 dogs in harm’s way?  It takes a selfless person to do what Koska did.

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