Man Seen Launching Greyhound Into The Sea

This is a hard story to write.  But maybe this article will help to find this criminal who did such a cruel thing to greyhounds. Or maybe it will help end cruelty to greyhounds that have been going on for a very long time.

Greyhounds were being thrown by a man into the crashing waves.  As if this weren’t cruel enough, the waters were bitterly cold in December. An investigation continues to find the identity of the man.

A witness to this crime said “They were being carried out to the end of the structure and unceremoniously flung in from a height of about 4ft and a distance, through the air, of 6ft.

The waves were quite strong and my first thought was, once they had surfaced, what if they were propelled by the crashing waves into the rusting sides of the pier? There was a significant number of dogs in the group and it appeared that they were being taken out one by one.”

Authorities have responded by saying,

We are still making inquiries after we received a concerning report that a group of men with a number of dogs were seen in Hartlepool repeatedly throwing one of the dogs, a greyhound, into the water. An inspector launched an investigation and attended the scene, but the group was no longer there.

Since then we have been contacted by a member of the public who provided photos of what appears to be a man throwing the dog into the water.”

The authorities went on to say, “These images are very distressing and we would urge anyone who may have witnessed this or may have more information which could help an investigation, to contact us on 0300 1234 999.”

I have no idea why some cruel person would do this. But I can’t help but think of my greyhound that I rescued off of a race track. Dallas was only 2 years old when he was being put down.  He was discarded for not winning races. I was able to adopt him and give him his forever home.

When I received him, he was skin and bones. There were sores on his body and he was missing hair.  He and I spent the next 15 years together until he died of old age. Dallas was a great dog and friend.

Learn More About Adopting Former Racing Greyhounds

Often inhumanely discarded if they don’t win money on the track.  I’m not sure if that is what happened here.  If you’d like to adopt a former racing greyhound, make sure to visit the National Greyhound Adoption Program. Let’s put an end to the cruelty to greyhounds that have gone on for too long.

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