Man Spots Something Strange While Driving–Is Shocked When He Sees It Up Close

Recently massive Nor-easters have been hitting the east coast of the United States. After a huge storm hit Massachusetts, this man saw something lying on the side of the road. Upon seeing it, he thought it was debris from the storm. As he got closer, what he saw actually appeared to be a baby seal.

In danger of getting hit by traffic, the seal was only two months old. Lucky for the seal, this man called officers, and the Seacoast Science Center to help the seal.

Ashley Stokes from the SSC thought the seal, Saco, probably washed up from the high tide during the storm around 2 a.m.

Probably tired from the raging waves throughout the storm, the seal collapsed on the side of the road. Realizing the seal was near death, the team worked to transfer him to the National Marine Life Center. Normally, gray seal weanlings become aggressive when approached. Lucky for the team, this one lets them get up close and personal with him. They easily got him into the kennel to safely transfer him.

Stokes and his veterinary team realized Saco’s blood sugar dropped to dangerously low levels. To add to that, he also became dehydrated. They had to act fast in order to save his life.

“Luckily, X-rays did not reveal any serious injuries, so the big priorities now are to get his blood sugar and hydration level back to normal, and then get him to start eating fish on his own again,” Stokes remarked.

The team at the National Marine Life Center feel certain Saco will recover. He is already looking much better than when they first met him and should soon return to the wild.

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