Man steps along a 6-story ledge risking his life for a sweet little cat


How far would you go to save your pet’s life? One man risked his own life by walking a narrow ledge 6 stories up to rescue his cat stuck on a neighbor’s high rise balcony.


A Toronto cat owner didn’t hesitate to walk a high and narrow ledge to rescue his pet cat. He first attempted to contact the neighbor but with no success, he took matters in his own hands. “My cat was trying to squeeze back under the glass and getting stuck almost, I was afraid he was going to hurt himself. He would likely have fallen if he’d tried to hop back over. I had to do something quick,” He said.



The owner of the cat wishes for his identity to remain private. But when asked why he risked his own life for his cat he did respond. “I just wanted to get him back,” he said.


Rescue Goes Viral. Viewers Weigh In With Opinions


A neighbor filmed the rescue and shared it on Instagram. The footage has since gone viral. Of course, as you can guess many people who viewed the video had commented about this feat.  Some felt it was heroic that they would have done the same thing. Others gave a hard no, when explaining that they wouldn’t risk their own life for their pet’s life. Many others thought he should have pursued attempting to contact the neighbor and resued the cat in a safer manner.



Authorities who commented on the Youtube video wanted to instruct people to reach out for help. The man could have called the local police department or 911. By risking his own life, the cat would not have had an owner to take care of him if he tripped off on the way there. Still, many are calling him a hero.


So you get to be the judge. Take a look at the video for yourself. Would you have done the same, or may be found another way to rescue your feline friend?



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