Man Stops His Own Party To Rescue A Scared Dog Trapped In The River

Accidents happen on this earth, and sometimes people step forward like angels to be a hero in tragic situations. This is one of those stories of a hero being in the right place at the right time. And not being afraid to risk his own life to save a creature from death. Let’s take a look at what happened when a dog fell off a bridge and ended up in the East River in New York.

A dog walker was walking a dog across a bridge when suddenly he was struck by a vehicle. The hit knocked him down and sent the dog running in fear. The dog’s name is Harper. She was so frightened by the accident that she bolted off and somehow ended up in the river.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS New York

Castellanos Didn’t Hesitate To Jump Off The Bridge To Save The Dog

Harper had never swum before so she was in immediate danger. She was also far from the river bank. At this moment, a good Samaritan named Gabriel Castellanos was celebrating his 38th birthday along that shore. Harper was barely visible as she drifted out further into the river. That’s when Castellanos sprang into action. Without hesitation for his own safety, he grabbed a life vest and jumped off the bridge. Then he swam towards Harper.

At first, Harper was so frightened that she started to swim away from the approaching Castellanos. But then she stopped trying to get away, and he reached out for her. Still, Harper was terrified and lashed out at Castellanos, biting his face out of fear and confusion. Castellanos didn’t give up and was able to rescue the scared dog and deliver her to the shoreline.

Meanwhile, the people on the shore cheered the rescue on. Some people even cried. Lorenzo Fonda, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker captured the whole rescue on his phone. Take a look at the dramatic rescue shared in this video.

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